Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Hay Was Not Secure Enough! Reapers Noonday Rest GIF

Here is my end result after messing around with the moving image. :) Used my first storyboard. Basically, I had the hay/wheat go and fall on the men and the man on top of the hay roll over sleeping while the dog's tail was wagging. This is my first attempt at this so personally I think it came out pretty ok. I think the hay was the hardest part of it...as well as the timing.

Used: Photoshop CC.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Storyboards for 1840s GIF project

My first storyboard based on changing Reapers, Noonday Rest. This one is actually the storyboard I like the best. It's simpler than the other two yet still funny.

This was actually the last storyboard I made. Simple in art movements and winks...but a bit more worrying since well...it's very busy so I'm not sure it'll actually show.

The Golden Stairs storyboard. This one would probably be the hardest to do considering I had envisioned a domino effect with some of the girls. o_o; If I could do it right, it would be awesome, but I do hold some doubt in my ability to do it at this point.