Tuesday, October 27, 2015

In Memory Of Progress #4

October 19th
   After the very helpful critique of our progress from the class and Joe, we have decided to scrap the centerpiece of the stands as well as the animation. Like they said, it would be much easier to just take more time on the heart of the project which are the Life Gems and the stands they are on. We are also taking the other major piece of advice to research names for each stand (especially the tragic ones).

   I took time today to research a few names for the car crash stand. I was mainly looking for a crash which resulted in fatalities for a family, and I came up with a few names. I'll probably look at more later.

October 24th
   I took some time today to think more about the Life Gems as a whole. Specifically, I needed a list of how many I was making, and I needed to be sure I would be making them via 3D modeling. So far, I came up with a list of at least ten Gems to make. An idea I had was that, for more broken gems (the prime example being the pile of shattered gems for the bombing) I could make gems from resin molds and take a hammer to them. It's at least an alternate idea to look at since I do not know how well the material used in 3D modeling will break in comparison.

October 25th
   Sean and I took the entire day looking for the names we wanted to use for our stands for the project. The list goes as such:
- Miscarriages: Caleb David and Phillip Sawyer (twins) - February 28, 2015
- Drive By Murder: Tyjuan Poindexter (14) - September 19, 2015
- Car Crash: Thomas Garza (23), Lillian Luna (20), Brianna Garza (1) - September 5, 2015
- Bombing: Victims of the Erawan Shrine Bombing in Bangkok (20-27 dead) - August 19, 2015
- Full Life 1: Bridget Finn
- Full Life 2: Ramona Peters (nurse)
- Full Life 3: Olin Vinales and Benita Saquiton Aspili
- Full Life 4: Time Capsule = Sean and I

   For the eighth and final stand, we decided on making a time capsule sort of like a memory towards the future to give a lighter note on the topic. For this, Sean and I agreed that we could each put something towards the time capsule that was symbolic of our lives.

Once we had the names, we drove to Goodwill to find some supplies. Mainly, our search became driven towards the drive-by murder as we had decided to do two parts: a backpack spilling out things from his personal life, and an evidence box with the parts from the murder. We grabbed a backpack and a few other things (clothes for the miscarriage) before heading out.

On his walk later on, Sean started collecting pieces of car he found on the street to use for the car crash.

October 26th
   An idea I had for the miscarriage Life Gem would be tricky. Since the gems are for twin boys, I thought maybe shaping the gem in the form of two fetuses (maybe in a heart) would be an interesting idea. As a 3D model, I'm really not sure if I could do this. However, the resin idea pops into mind again and there are baby shaped molds out there. If I were to go by this, I'd probably do it via resin.

   Also, some pictures of the ideas we have for stands and the presentation:

Monday, October 19, 2015

Memory Progress #3

As I have been out cold for a good week and a half or more, I do not have much to give for this progress report. Sean has joined my team and has been very helpful in giving insight to the project. Now, the idea for the presentation of the project is well refined as is the idea itself.

The presentation will be a circle of eight stand holding the momentos of different people. Four of these stands will be of people who have lived or are living full lives. The other four will symbolize tragedies in life and honor those lives who were cut too short. For these four stands, we have decided to make a stand for a miscarriage, a drive-by murder, a car accident, and a bombing. In the center, I believe two computer screens or screens in general with a DVD player will be set up to play the split screen animation.

Each stand will be different in size and appearance to symbolize the different lives and memories, but all will have Life Gems in it. Like before, each Life Gem will be different in size and color. However, the Life Gems of the four tragedies will have profound differences. Though the four full lives will have complete and big gems, the four tragedies will not. The miscarriage will be a tiny Life Gem, the drive-by and car accident with be chipped or broken somewhere, and the bombing will consist of a dish that hold shattered Life Gems of different colors. The idea is that all will have a light rigged under it to give the necessary glow as a symbol of a lost treasure or the souls in particular.

I have done a few more silhouettes and will be focusing on mainly designing the Life Gems and completing the animation. Sean will help with making the stands.