Tuesday, February 10, 2015


A stubborn and unrelenting man, Geronimo is a vicious Native American Apache leader in the American Indian Wars. He leads constant raids against the American soldiers in order to fight for his homeland and his freedom. Even when he is captured, he will surrender and continue to fight the American enemies. 

Harriet Tubman
A former slave in a Southern plantation, Harriet Tubman, formerly known as Araminta, was a runaway who succeeded in finding freedom in the North. Now she works to help other runaway slaves escape their cruel lives and lead them to a brighter future in both the Northern states and Canada.

The fifth pharaoh of the Ancient Egyptian world, Hatshepsut is well known for being both the only female as well as one of the most prosperous pharaohs out there. She focuses on methods to let Egypt thrive and prosper while also protecting her land from unwanted enemies.

The Sphinx
The Sphinx is a symbol of the power, skill, and strength of the Ancient Egyptian culture. It will come to both protect and aid any who calls it forth. An immense creation of the ancient world, it will stand strong and tall as a shield for any who need it.

* Adds three points of defense to any category needed. Requires two wormholes.

The American Indian Wars
The American Indian Wars are one of the best cases of the inner turmoil in American history. For many decades the conflict and raids between American soldiers and Native Americans show the brutality and strength of war on both sides. Many soldiers and Indians, such as Geronimo, became legend through these wars.

* Geronimo requires no wormholes to use this

* Adds three points to attack in exchange for two wormhole points