Sunday, February 2, 2014

Discussion Questions - O'Reilly's Animation Factors

So after reading David O'Reilly's article, here are the two questions I came up with out of pure curiosity:

1. There’s a point in the document in which David O’Reilly states about making an object fade by somehow fading the picture out pixel by pixel so it would look like a fade. This doesn’t really make sense in my mind maybe because I am still not that familiar with animation use; in my mind it still looks like an opacity fade. Anyone care to elaborate on this?

2. To compliment the aliased image appearance, O’Reilly decided to use to not use any blurs. I guess this could work, but when I looked at the aliased focal blur he used in his image, it was so choppy that it reminded me of tilting my head while watching a film in IMAX 3D...everything is so choppy that essentially it makes your eyes hurt. Despite what he says about keeping coherence to his animation, I feel like this focal blur move actually repels an audience’s eyes rather than keep them satisfied (in that minute I mean). What are your thoughts on it?

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