Saturday, October 18, 2014

Musical Scores

Shown above is the musical score created for my whistle by David Kohut. Thinking about the nature of my whistle and the patterns this score created, I decided to read this score like a faint whisper. The three densities of the lines I saw on the score I assigned to one of the three workable blow tubes on my whistle. From there, I read the score very much how I would read or hear something like Morse code with the sounds the different tubes made and the changes they made when certain tubes were plugged. In the end, I played the score very much how I would want a faint message or tune to sound, and I aimed for the audience to concentrate so hard that it did cause a slight headache.

Shown below is the musical score I made for David Kohut's string balloon instrument. His instrument could make certain noises with the balloon under the strings and well as be controlled enough to create a reverb in tune. I aimed for the score to be in essence a downhill spiral with the sounds and noises getting softer and more distanced as the score was played on. In the end, I also wanted to create a sudden pop of noise via the popping of David's balloon. The idea was to start out strong and clear then get slower and softer as time went on until the audience loses attention. At the end, the pop was meant to bring attention back suddenly as well as give a fitting end.

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