Thursday, October 23, 2014

Video Triptych - What Dreams May Tell

Dreams are said to be an unknown realm. Some believe that in the end, dreams may mean nothing after all. Others believe that dreams hold significant meaning and can act as guides or foresights. I made this video to portray both the strange mysterious quality of a dream as well as the feelings that occur when one cannot remember or remembers very little of the dream. The video effects were inspired by Nam Jun Paik and the audio/visual interactions were inspired by Christian Marclay. The left and right videos portray the strangeness of the dream while the center video keeps us centered on the reality of the situation. The left video is noisy and choppy representing the tendency to both forget dreams or remember fragments of it. We never get the whole. The right video is meant to be a foil as it is soft and one constant video meant to be a journey. This video is meant to be subjective and meant for everyone to find their own interpretation and meaning.

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