Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Final Project - Wiichuck Instrument

For this final project, I wanted to create something that was both interactive and more small. I did not have a certain artist in mind as inspiration for the idea, but rather became inspired through looking at a multitude of art projects centering around working with Arduino boards. From the experiments we worked on before, I grew to be really interested in Arduino boards and how they work, so I decided on a project revolving around them. I decided to use a Wii nunchuck as my other device because of its versatile ability to perform many functions and gain many readings from a computer due to its sensory devices. To me, some of the most entertaining things can be found in some of the smallest devices, and I really wanted to incorporate a more interactive quality to my project so everyone could have fun with it. This project was a bit harder than I had expected to accomplish. I had to relearn my basic coding skills and even then getting the Arduino board to calibrate and recognize the Wii nunchuck was a big process. The hardest part was by far the coding. I had only taken one computer science class, and coding had never been a real strength of mine. Therefore, I needed a lot of help with the calbration of the nunchuck, but I was so happy when I finally saw it working. It took even more time to get the speaker to play sounds according to the movement of the nunchuck and its joystick, but I did eventually get it to work the way I wanted. The sounds give off a very computer-like, futuristic feel in its tones...almost as if the board is speaking its own language through the nunchuck. Overall, looking at things like the making behind circuitry and relearning how to code, I did learn a lot more about circuitry and the functions Arduino boards can perform with different objects. This was by far a fun project to attempt as were all the other projects I had done.

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