Saturday, March 14, 2015

Space Pong Game

For the first scratch assignment, we were all assigned to make a pong game on scratch. For my own project, I chose a sort of space theme as it is a very playful theme to work with. The choices for the paddles and ball were based on a thought I had: we sort of toss the resources of this land lately like a ball. We don't think of it probably as much as we do. The Earth itself is getting tossed about and landing in all sorts of chaos whether it be wars or garbage in the ocean or a decrease in resources. The rockets and those outside are spectators seeing the world from a different viewpoint than the rest. They see the world from the outside...the beautiful clouds and seas as well as the continents. It just raises a question for me as to what end will we continue to play with the ball and in what state will it end up. Will it end up glitching like the game sometimes does or keep floating?

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