Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Final Game - Hopeless

For our final project, my group decided to design a game based on the factors of homelessness. We gave roles to each member, and I for the most part was a part of the graphics team with Mason and Allie. I was put in charge of all the characters and character designs. I also helped with the bibliography, give input to the level graphics Mason made, helped Allie with problems concerning the movement sprites, and helped Mason to assign certain facts to objects in the game. The game itself represents a good sense of futility in the situation. Even if you can get past the security guard and steal the suit, even if you get to the employer, you still lose since you as a character have no job experience. I think that ending works to hit home on a point both concerning the situations of homeless veterans as well as the government. Everyone helped to make this such a great working game with fun graphics and great coding.

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