Sunday, September 13, 2015

Individual Theme and Group Theme

Individual Theme: Memory

  • What is one of the most common fears that never gets mentioned? In my opinion. it's the fear of never being remembered after you die. We all wish to leave some sort of momento for others to inherit and remember us by . In a bigger idea, a lot of us aspire to do great things: make films, become famous, write books and poetry. For my project, I'd like to look into the preservation and destruction of memory through the representation of different mementos.
  • Some ideas:
    • Life Gems: There is a choice in which a person can have their ashes be turned into a gem when they are cremated. This is a unique way of preserving memory.
    • Family Lines: It is often thought that having a child is a way of preserving oneself. However, what if the line ends abruptly? What if a woman is never given the chance to be a mother and a man a father?
    • Silhouette Animation: I think it would be a neat idea to do a silhouette animation (via Photoshop or another program) of things a person tries to accomplish in life and momentos in death.
    • Momento Tokens: I would like to go to thrift stores and gather items that can be used as momentos. Things like shoes, watches, handkerchiefs, and other trinkets.
    • Custom Mini Coffins: Along with the Life Gems, I'd like to design a few custom coffins in a miniature form. Some will most definitely be smashed.
    • Journal: To complete the project, I would like to keep a journal on it talking about each day spent on the project. It can be a journal, an email log, or a podcast.
  • Ideal setting: alleyways, hidden rooms, places you wouldn't expect to find momentos
  • Art styles: 3D modeling (Maya), stopmotion (Photoshop and Premiere), craft

Group Theme: Obsession with the Comfort Zone

  • As a people, it is much easier to stick with the things we are comfortable with than try new things. We can be drawn to a state of complacency, and we can be terrified by both change and the unknown. For a group project, I think it would be fun to do a performance or interactive exhibit showing this and breaking it for the audience.
  • Some ideas:
    • Texting vs Talking: It's much easier to text or type your true feelings than say them in person. The act would be a performance piece with someone talking as a computer monitor shows the type of their true thoughts.
    • What Food We Choose: This would be an interactive piece where people will have the chance to try something new or stay to the familiar (McDonald's. Burger King, In N Out). It would show how complacent people are with their food.
    • Things We Grow Out Of: Some people never grow out of habits or even items they loved as a child.
    • Wheel of Fears: Basically a bravery test...see if you are ready to face your fears.

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