Tuesday, December 8, 2015

In Memory Of Progress #5

November 2nd:
Sean and I both decided that the place we wanted to set up our installation at was in the courtyard in the CFA. It had a very open space with a few trees, and the glow of the Life Gems would definitely bring the attention needed for viewers to see the exhibit. I spoke with Carla Geib at the theatre department asking for permission to use the space as it was property of the theatre department. I also asked Serina for help about 3D modeling and how to use the printer. I also sent her two 3D models I had made in Maya asking if she could print them out so I'd have some test models ready.

November 5th:
Serina emailed me back telling me she'd help teach me how to use the 3D printer. I met her in the digital media lab, and we agreed to meet the next day for the lesson.

November 6th:
As confirmed, I met with Serina in the digital media lab to learn how to use the 3D printer. She had printed my two models though, as she pointed out, they were way too small. I first learned how to use Cura to make the models much bigger and rotate them correctly. She also showed me Microsoft 3D Model Repair to help clean up the models I made instead of me taking hours to find the loose ends I made in them.

Then came learning about how to 3D print. She showed me all the instructions of how to use the 3D printer when I had a gcode for the models with a good size in my mind. We printed the newly sized test gems, and she showed me how to fix clogs in the plastic tube after just so I knew.

The two gems came out a good size. However, the layer was too thin. There were significant holes in both that I saw. It was a start, but there was a lot more gems to be printed and a lot of fixing to go.

November 7th:
I went back into the digital media lab to try the 3D printer again. I got one print done. However, this was the same draft Serina and I had printed before...so I got a second copy of the gems from yesterday. On top of that, the clear plastic in the 3D printer wasn't coming out no matter what I did. I fixed it as Serina taught me too, and I cleaned the build plate as well. I ended up leaving defeated though I did email Serina about it.

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