Thursday, December 10, 2015

In Memory Of Progress #7

November 15th:
I spent another day in the digital media lab with the intention of making completely new 3D modeled Life Gems as well as making some previous Life Gems a bit bigger. Again, it took me a few hours (I believe around 5-6 hours) to completely get the models I wanted, and even then I had some problems. The gem I had wanted for myself for the time capsule was an arrowhead seeing as I have a love of archery and can be a bit of a straight arrow at times. However, every arrowhead I made came out with holes in some manner even when I increased the millimeter thickness. I thought though...that the one with the least amount of holes fit me. I wasn't a perfect arrow...and I had been hurt more than once in my life. So, although it wasn't perfect, I decided to keep it.

That gave me the idea for Tyjuan's gem. Tyjuan had been the drive by shooting having been shot in the head before any other bullets could hit. So, I took one of the scrapped oval gems and broke a big hole in the front. In a sense, his Life Gem had been broken...not shattered...but broken.

My arsenal of Life Gems was almost complete by this day. All I needed were two more gems and my part would be done.

November 16th:
During the beginning of the day, I was helping get Tyjuan's display exactly right. It was a simple stand yet it worked to show what we wanted. Getting the stand pieces to and from the classroom was the harder part as there were very bulky boxes to move up and down a steep hill.

The new challenge we now faced was how to make the stands smaller. Since we wouldn't be showing our galleries off at night, the original plan to have the stands outside in the courtyard became null and void. Now we would be showing them in the digital media room...which was a big room so I had my concerns. I still wanted to keep some of the stands the same like the Bangkok Erawan Shrine bombing with lots of rubble and a temple and Bridget Finn having a travel bag. However, we had to shift the looks of some of the other stands like the miscarriage and the car accident. We had bought a bunch of stuff for our stands, so downsizing became a bit of a challenge of what to keep and what to hold back as well.

November 19th:
I made a small adjustment to the idea of the Life Gems. Instead of using LED lights with batteries in a circuit system, it would be far more productive to get small LED flashlights for the Life Gems. They'd still be just as powerful. I wouldn't be able to get them until after the break considering I had multiple papers to write and a wedding to maid-of-honor.

November 23rd:
We were in Vegas around this time. For one of the stands concerning a nurse, I asked my mom for some of her old scrubs and a stethoscope. Thankfully, she was very helpful on the matter.

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