Wednesday, December 9, 2015

In Memory Of Progress #6

November 9th
This day may have been one of the longest days I spent working on the project. The day was strictly focused on making as many Life Gems, and as many correctly made Life Gems, as possible. I came in around 11:45am and worked till around 8:00pm. Thankfully, Serina taught me more about maintaining the printer, moving the build plate to the proper height under the nozzle, and both removing and replacing the clear plastic in the printer. Thanks to her, fixing problems in the printer became a whole lot easier.

By the end of the day, I had created around 25 gems, and about 7-8 of them were good to use. It was a constant struggle of printing gems, measuring gems, making calls on if they were the right size or not, remaking gcodes, reprinting gems, and fixing problems in the 3D printer. I did feel like working with the 3D printer became a lot easier after today.

November 14th
I went back into the digital media lab to print a few more gems. Unfortunately, I decided to completely scrap two of the shapes. No matter what I did, those gems weren't coming out nice at all.

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